Dialogues – Trumpet Chamber Music


The trumpet is such a versatile instrument – and while it is best known for its more typical roles in orchestra, concert band, and as a solo instrument, it just as frequently lends its characteristic tone to chamber ensembles as well. I got my first experience playing chamber music in brass quintets in high school, and I fell in love with the camaraderie of ensemble playing, and the idea that each person was a vital component of a greater whole.

In Dialogues, I elected to explore music that used the trumpet in ensembles less commonly seen. Brass quintets and trumpet ensembles are fairly common, particularly in academia. But the trumpet paired with tuba? Or with a cello and piano? Finding, rehearsing, performing, and recording these types of pieces was a new and exciting challenge for me, and one that ultimately proved rewarding.

Further, the process of making Dialogues – so named because of the “conversations” that occur in chamber music – allowed me to work with some amazing musicians that I am lucky enough to call my colleagues and friends.

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Includes works by Anthony Plog, Eric Ewazen, Fernando Deddos and more! Price includes shipping within continental US. For international shipping, please contact Jennifer Dearden via the contact page.