Expeditions – Northwest Passage Trumpet Trio

The Northwest Passage Trumpet Trio is proud to announce that our first album is finally here!

ex·pe·di·tion /ˌekspəˈdiSH(ə)n/ Noun

A journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration…

When our group formed a few years ago, it quickly became clear that we were setting sail in uncharted waters. Trumpet Trios were not “typical” ensembles like trumpet quartets or brass quintets, and finding original music for trumpet trio has involved quite a bit of exploration of music catalogs and libraries, and working to expand the literature through commissions. It has often been challenging and sometimes slow-going, but the journey has been a rewarding one, and so we are overjoyed to share that with you in our new CD, Expeditions.

You can purchase Expeditions right here! We hope you love it!

Expeditions – Northwest Passage Trumpet Trio

Includes works by Henri Tomasi, Nicole Piunno, G.P. Telemann, Fernando Deddos and more! $10 + 3.50 shipping within the continental US. For international shipping, please contact Jennifer Dearden through the contact page.